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Welcome to StoryWood, a place where anyone with a story (which is everyone) is welcome. I'm glad you're here. If I can help inspire the younger heart in each of us that enjoys curiosity, playfulness, and imagination than I am even glad-er.

  • Hi!  I’m Matt — a husband, a dad, a relentless dreamer, and the passionate creative energy behind StoryWood. Currently based out of Burlington, North Carolina, I’ve been fascinated by the experience of a good story ever since I was a boy.

    But how do you live a good story?

    It was somewhere in the midst of the pandemic that I realized I had begun to lose touch with people I cared about, their stories, and my own. Now, I’m on a mission to discover beauty in this world, to see it in the eyes of those around me, and to use my God-given abilities to create more of it. Writing, illustration, animation, and woodworking are only a small part of the greater story of my life — one I hope to craft in a way that impacts the lives of others.

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Woodworking is a passion but it doesn’t pay the bills... yet. 
Check out my day job at
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